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STEAMING with creativity: MLC Member engages students through partnerships

When it comes to reaching students in communities where access to STEAM-based experiences are limited, MLC Member STE(A)M Truck is no stranger to creative partnerships and approaches. STE(A)M Truck aims to provide hands-on content for grades 3-8, inspiring youth with learning experiences that open doors for future life opportunities. In today's blog, we're sharing a few of their recent project-based learning programs:

Young Geniuses Innovation Lab

Last October, STE(A)M Truck partnered with SNIPES, a streetwear retailer, to launch the Young Geniuses Innovation Lab. This innovative program included nearly 150 students, challenging them to design a sneaker including research, marketing and building their prototypes. In January, students and community guests were invited to see their prototypes at Global Impact Academy.

Good Clean Fair Food: From Strategy to Small Details

Last month, STE(A)M Truck kicked off year three of its partnership with Clayton County Public School in Jonesboro, Georgia. This new curriculum called Good Clean Fair Food prompts students to investigate the big picture and essential details of food deserts in and around their community. The program includes building a self-watering planter to take home.


When asked, STE(A)M Truck states that they do two things really well: 1) give kids an opportunity to get their hands dirty and make things and 2) empower teachers to continue this work once they drive away. Based on the above partnerships, we'd have to agree with those statements. We can't wait to see what creativity comes out of STE(A)M Truck next!

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