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The Mobile Laboratory Coalition (MLC) is an international community of traveling and laboratory-based education & outreach programs focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). We provide education, foster collaboration, and serve as a central resource of knowledge, curricula, and best practices for our member programs through conferences and online resources. We are a catalyst for delivering innovative instruction both inside and outside the classroom. Our vision is a world where education inspires a life-long passion for discovery. 


The MLC creates a forum to share best practices and discuss the unique opportunities and challenges associated with mobile laboratories. Member programs – individually and collectively – serve as thought leaders in the field of mobile science education. Since its establishment in 2003, the MLC has grown to include 29 active member programs representing 18 different states and several international programs.


Mobile science programs have been operating successfully for nearly twenty years and are now rising in popularity as efficient and effective mechanisms for delivering high-quality science learning experiences to a wide range of communities.  Mobile laboratories improve student access to cutting-edge, hands-on science and technology education, and introduces students to professional scientists.


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