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In order to further our mission and provide value to our community, we are committed to providing educational webinars and online networking opportunities. 

We hope you will join us for one or all of the below events and check back often as additional programs will be added. 


Upcoming Virtual Events

Two-Day Virtual Learning and Networking Event
SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2023 | 3-6 P.M. EST

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk with someone who understands how totally weird your job is? Join us for this FREE virtual learning and networking event: a forum to share best practices and discuss the unique opportunities and unusual challenges associated with mobile laboratories and STEM education.


We know virtual events can be a snooze, so we are using unique formats to keep engagement high, like limiting presentations to five slides in five minutes and spending more time on discussions and networking.  Sessions will include team building across programs, showing off the best new features of member laboratory designs and/or equipment, and evaluation and curriculum best practices. Plus, keynotes on Inclusive Design + Embracing Communities as Leaders and Stakeholders in our Work.


Webinar presented by LIFE, an international MLC Member

LIFE is a Danish non-profit educational initiative that aims to strengthen children’s and adolescents’ knowledge about and fascination for natural science. They develop enquiry-based teaching courses, which are offered free of charge to schools across Denmark.


At the 2019 MLC Conference in Atlanta, LIFE team members wowed the attendees when presenting some of their pilot learning modules and outlining their ambitious plans for a brand new mobile lab fleet and organizational headquarters in Denmark.


Now, just two years later, they are excited to unveil their already working mobile laboratory, HQ building, and a variety of critical innovations they have had to make to their roll-out plan in the last turbulent year.  

“So… how do we plan for an unpredictable future?” 

Salk Education Outreach, long-time MLC member and contributor, has delivered innovative, engaging STEM learning experiences to thousands of students — a majority of whom come from underrepresented and underserved communities. Salk’s world-class faculty and staff are key partners in Salk Education Outreach, imparting their passion and knowledge of innovative research that impacts human health to help inspire and launch the next generation of scientists. They presented an MLC members-only webinar on the topic of: So… how do we plan for an unpredictable future?”  They facilitated a discussion around best practices for adapting to the uncertain landscape of schedules and safety protocols for this upcoming year and presented details of their Virtual Mobile Science Lab 3-day program with hands-on student participation components as well as teacher-facing resources. 

Staying Home with Science: Successfully Pivoting for COVID-19

Every program is different and faces unique challenges in dealing with COVID-19. This webinar will share the tale of two programs and their nimble pivots, specifically adapting for students to take science home. Learn from their experiences on how they navigated intellectual, emotional and logistical changes to offer science at home while staying true to their mission. You'll leave with ideas for your own program plus there will be an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss your individual circumstances.



STEM Outreach Director Lori Shimoda with I Am A Scientist 

Senior Scientist Tessa Hirschfeld-Stoler and Lead Scientist Rob Frawley with BioBus

Mobile Programs in the New Normal: Considerations for Returning Programs to the Communities they Serve 

Learning Undefeated and the Mobile Laboratory Coalition members join for a 90-minute discussion centered around operating mobile laboratory programs during the global pandemic. Learning Undefeated staff shared strategies and lead discussions around resuming and adapting mobile lab programs for the 2020-2021 school year.

Topics and Presenters Included:

  • COVID-19 Safety Procedures: Benedetta Naglieri, Education Program Manager

  • Vehicle Modifications: Joe Wilkerson, Education Director

  • Program Adaptations: Kristin Diamantides, Education Program Manager

The above educational events and the slides are open to members only. Join Today!

The below educational events and the slides are open to members only. Join Today!

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