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The Mobile Lab Coalition is proud to have member organizations all over the world! Below are our current members:

**Indicates an Inaugural Member


Cancer Research Training & Education Coordination (CRTEC) | University of Arizona Cancer Center | Tucson, AZ

Within the UArizona Cancer Center, the Cancer Research Training & Education Coordination (CRTEC) oversees many of the training and education programs offered to both researchers and clinicians. Lately, we have been improving our outreach to middle and high schools in the area. Our goal is to develop a robust and diverse population of students passionate about cancer research and treatment.  Email |  Website


Salk Mobile Science Laboratory | Salk Institute for Biological Sciences | La Jolla, CA

The Salk Mobile Science Lab brings current experimental techniques directly into San Diego classrooms. Based on the theme of genetics and DNA technology, a team of Salk scientists leads entire classes of students through three sets of simple and enriching experiments. This type of inquiry-based, exploratory learning is fundamental to increasing student interest in the biological sciences. The Mobile Science Lab visits at least 18 area schools and educational institutions every year, providing over 2200 students with hands-on science experience. In the past ten years, the program has reached more than 25,000 local students.  Email |  Website

Ag In Motion | National Ag Science Center | Modesto, CA

Our mission is to provide unique educational programming for students, including a mobile hands-on ag science experience. Ag In Motion targets middle school students to explore standard-based science concepts and connect them to career opportunities in the local ag industries.  Email |  Website


Colorado State University | Fort Collins, CO
Our State is Colorado, but Rams are built on a global scale. We unite in Fort Collins, where our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences strengthen our community. True to our land-grant beginnings, we’re focused on practical solutions for today and tomorrow. Email | Website

Curiosity Cruiser | Denver Museum of Nature and Science | Denver, CO

Introducing the Curiosity Cruiser, your friendly neighborhood museum on wheels! The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is hitting the road in a pop-up vehicle, stocked inside and out with fun activities for some on-the-go wonder for all ages. Keep your eyes peeled for the Curiosity Cruiser as it rolls into a neighborhood, festival, or spot near you, or track us down by following the Museum on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  The all-new multisensory experiences on the Curiosity Cruiser will give you a taste for discovery. Play with your tolerance for spice, use scent to connect to your favorite memories, convince your friends to dissect familiar foods in the name of science, and find out how your genetics influence your food preferences. There’s no end to the wows when you’re enjoying some brain food. Email | Website

Mobile Earth & Space Observatory (MESO) | National Space Science & Technology Institute |  Colorado Springs, CO

The Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) is a STEM science center on wheels focused on Earth and space science. Scientist educators motivate and excite students by letting them experience what it is to be a real scientist using telescopes, spectroscopy, a cloud chamber, infrared camera, and other scientific instrumentation. We collaborate with the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program, and offer an intensive environmental education program on the importance of water. MESO reaches out to remote rural and underserved Colorado schools and communities, and students in demographics underrepresented in STEM higher education programs and career fields. Email | Website


UB-Discovery STEM on Wheels | University of Bridgeport | Bridgeport, CT

The University of Bridgeport – Discovery Museum STEM on Wheels bus is a mobile laboratory, which offers hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences for area K-12 classrooms. During the academic school year, University of Bridgeport (UB) College of Engineering, Business and Education faculty and students and Discovery Museum staff travel to area elementary, middle and high schools and immerse students in exciting, interactive activities using technology typically not available in most classrooms. Email | Website


GeoBus| Citizen Science GIS, University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL

We transport maps, apps, and drones to science’s next generation on a 40-foot repurposed city bus, with a lab powered by the sun. We aim to engage the next generation in the hands-on learning and applications of geospatial technologies.  Email | Website

STEMobile MODS | Museum of Discovery and Science | Fort Lauderdale, FL

MODS offers a wide range of STEM-themes from aviation to weather exploration from coding to engineering challenges. The STEMobile is a mobile makerspace for museum on wheels outreaches to schools, community partners, and events.  Email | Website

MoLab | MoLab, Inc. | Tallahassee, FL

MoLab is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that provides on-the-go, dynamic, hands-on, and inquiry-based science experiences through a mobile laboratory that promotes discovery. The goal of MoLab is to enhance student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in a fun, interactive setting.  MoLab meets the needs of teachers and students in North Florida and Southern Georgia driving science education to schools, after-school programs, camp sessions, outreach activities, and community events.  Email | Website

Osceola Mobile STEM Lab | The School District of Osceola County  | Kissimmee, FL

The Osceola County STEM Mobile Lab is a from-the-ground-up, custom-built Coach bus designed to provide Osceola County's Title 1 K-12 students with one-of-a-kind STEM educational experiences. The Mobile Lab focuses on the in-demand, STEM skill needs of the Florida High-Tech Corridor's partners to deploy a multitude of enriching and exciting experiences, from creating new forms of energy generation, calculating the power of medieval catapults, computer programming and robotics, animation and motion capture video production, and using virtual reality to fly a drone or walk on the surface of Mars. The Mobile Lab's ever-present community involvement plays a key role in the School District of Osceola County's Pillars of Success, creating bridges and partnerships between the community and Central Florida's public education system, cementing together a stronger community and building a better future for our students. Email | Website


The Bio-Bus Program** | Georgia State University | Atlanta, GA

We are scientists, students and educators at Georgia State University who are committed to building a learning community that serves all Georgians. Mission – The Bio-Bus Program provides hands-on activities and demonstrations designed to generate a sense of excitement about science. It is a science field trip which comes to you! Goals – We want to share the FUN we find in doing science with K-12 students and their families and teachers. Email |  Website

STEAM Truck | Community Guilds | Atlanta, GA

Community Guilds delivers an innovative approach to education through its growing fleet of mobile makerspaces. STE(A)M Trucks target elementary and middle school students most underrepresented in STEM careers while building the capacity of teachers over multiple visits. The STE(A)M Truck experience is anchored by a rigorous, experiential learning-based curriculum, and brought to life with community expertise. We do two things really well. 1. We give kids an opportunity to get their hands dirty and make things. 2. We empower teachers to continue this work once we drive away. Email | Website


I Am A Scientist** | Chaminade University of Honolulu | Honolulu, HI

Chaminade University’s “I Am A Scientist” offers science outreach programs to grades K-6 that are aligned with the Hawaii Dept. of Education’s Standards. Instruction is provided by research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students who also serve as examples in the education to career pathway. Our curriculum is inquiry based and allows students to discover the everyday relevance of science and math in their daily lives. Students conduct experiments using modern biotech equipment, supplies and technology used in real laboratories. In addition to classroom visits, we support school family night and community events. Email | Website


Mobile STEM Classroom | La Porte County Public Library | La Porte, IN

The mobile classroom provides hands-on, inquiry-based lessons in order to expose students in grades 3-8 to innovative, inquiry-based engineering, science, and technology lessons that will enable them to develop an awareness of their own abilities and interests. These lessons and experiences will correlate directly with Indiana’s Academic Standards and college and career readiness skills that will better enable students to make decisions on college and career pathways.  Email |  Website

Migrant Education Program | South Bend Community School Corporation | South Bend, IN

The Migrant Regional Service Center for Region 1 provides instructional and support services for the children of migrant farmworkers. We serve migrant children in 22 counties in Northern Indiana.  Email |  Website


Ochsner Education Outreach | Ochsner Clinic Foundation | New Orleans, LA

Education Outreach is committed to developing a well-prepared and informed workforce pipeline for health sciences and positively impacting P-12 education outcomes. We do this through: Connecting Classroom to Career by providing active, learning opportunities and resources for students, virtual and in-person Increasing Equitable Access to High-Quality Learning by supporting teacher professional development with industry-vetted tools and experiences Enhancing STEM Literacy for the community through collaboration partnerships Drive Student Achievement and Confidence in Science by developing inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum. Email | Website


Learning Undefeated** | Learning Undefeated, Inc. | Rockville, MD

Learning Undefeated provides life-changing STEM experiences for high needs communities by providing equitable access to education and inspiring students to imagine their own success. With a fleet of six mobile labs, including shipping containers, trailers, and busses, Learning Undefeated mobile lab programs have served over 200K students across 19 states. Mobile STEM education is part of Learning Undefeated’s larger strategy to increase student interest in STEM careers, bringing scientific tools and techniques right to the school parking lot and allowing students access to experiences far beyond what many schools can provide.  Email |  Website

STEM Mobile Learning Lab | Anne Arundel County Public Schools | Anne Arundel District, MD

The STEM Mobile Learning Lab is a project supported by the AACPS/Advanced Studies & Programs office. Our primary goal is to design and build a STEM classroom inside a Thomas flat-front school bus. When completed the STEM Mobile Learning Lab and teaching staff will travel to AACPS Elementary schools, providing K-5th grade students with authentic, standards-based learning laboratories, which will integrate engineering design, mathematics and scientific inquiry.  Email |  Website


CityLab** | Boston University School of Medicine | Boston, MA

CityLab’s mission is to provide access to state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratory facilities and curriculum, unavailable to most school systems. Students and teachers participate in summer institutes and after school programs to seek explanations and solve problems by applying modern techniques and concepts of genetics and molecular biology.   Email |  Website

New Jersey

Rutgers Science Explorer | Rutgers University | Piscataway, NJ

The Rutgers Science Explorer (RSE) is a mobile lab dedicated to promoting interest in research in the STEM disciplines via hands-on demonstrations among middle school students around the state of NJ. The RSE brings together teachers, graduate student scientists and K-12 students in a unique environment where everybody can learn from each other, solving together real-life research problems.  Email | Website

STEM Programs and Interactive Experiences | Liberty Science Center | Jersey City, NJ

Liberty Science Center's mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and excite learners of all ages about the power, promise, and pure fun of science and technology. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of educators can bring dynamic, standards-aligned STEM experiences directly to you via live programming, either virtually or in-person.  Explore life science, physical science, earth and space science, engineering, and more in our interactive lab workshops. Experience larger-than-life science demonstrations during our fun and engaging stage shows. Select from individual experiences, or build a series from our wide range of offerings! Email | Website

New York

BioBus** | BioBus, Inc. | New York, NY

BioBus's mission is to help minority, female, and low-income K - 12 and college students in New York City discover, explore, and pursue science. Since 2008, 300,000 students at more than 800 schools aboard our two mobile science labs and in our community science labs. Using research microscopes and working with professional scientists, students discover the thrill of scientific discovery, with many embarking on a path of scientific exploration and sustained pursuit. Through this work, we envision a world where all people have the opportunity to reach their full scientific potential.  Email |  Website

North Carolina

High Point University Mobile Lab | High Point University | High Point, NC

The High Point University Mobile Lab is a tool that enables us to bring cutting-edge science directly to outreach partners in the High Point, NC community, thus fostering an environment that promotes scientific education and community engagement in which our undergraduates can acquire real-world experience and skills. Email | Website



Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab | PA Friends of Agriculture Foundation | Camp Hill, PA

A mobile agriculture education science lab, complete with all supplies and a certified teacher, travels to a different elementary or middle school in Pennsylvania each week. The lab is designed to target grades K through 8. A 40 ft. trailer complete with heating and air conditioning, the mobile lab contains 12 work stations. Each station provides space for 2-3 students to complete hands-on experiments. The lab accommodates up to 25-30 classes per week, by teaching (5-6) 50-minute science classes per day. The science curriculum taught meets Pennsylvania Department of Education Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology Standards and is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The children perform hands-on science experiments, each teaching a lesson in agriculture. The experiments performed include equipment and supplies not readily available to classroom teachers and are of a nature that most teachers wouldn't want to tackle in a traditional classroom setting. Each science experiment is designed to emphasize a different aspect of agriculture, including Pennsylvania's primary commodities, the environment, biotechnology, food and fiber, etc. Children work cooperatively to solve a problem as they form a hypothesis, collect data and draw conclusions. Email | Website

SPARC | PA Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) | Camp Hill, PA

SPARC’s mission is to promote a better public understanding of the importance of biomedical research and its contributions to human and animal health, with the goal of offering any person, regardless of age, gender, or income level, the opportunity to engage in scientific exploration and career-connected learning. We carry out this mission by providing in-person activities, presentations, and experiences that support science and healthcare education, career awareness, and professional development opportunities. Email | Website

South Carolina


The Gene Machine | Greenwood Genetic Center  | Greenwood, SC

The Gene Machine is the mobile component of the Greenwood Genetic Center's outreach education program. The mobile lab travels throughout South Carolina, serving high schools that are too distant to make a field trip to Greenwood. We provide this opportunity free of charge to SC schools. Our objectives are to increase genetic literacy in teachers and students, provide equal access to modern laboratory equipment, and to encourage students to continue their education in the field of science.  Email |  Website


SCIENCE ON WHEELS | The LeMoyne-Owen College | Memphis, TN

SCIENCE ON WHEELS is a community outreach project whereby LeMoyne Owen College incorporates interactive technology with fun-filled hands-on science experiments in an actual laboratory setting on site. SCIENCE ON WHEELS is a mobile science laboratory that travels to underserved schools and other community outlets in the urban Memphis region. In particular, 4th and 5th-grade students are targeted because research has shown that this is the timeframe where children are either turned “on” to science or turned “off”. This unit has been outfitted with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and computer technology. Email 


Region 13 Mobile Labs | Region 13 Education Service Center | Austin, TX

Our first Mobile Lab is outfitted with current industry-approved medical equipment and is designed for students to pursue their interests in the health science pathway. Using the curriculum and materials provided in the lab, students have the option to earn different healthcare industry certifications, such as Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy, in conjunction with dual credit options. Students who wish to pursue additional certifications or licenses would be prepared to enroll in post secondary education programs to further their education. Email | Website

(See Learning Undefeated in Maryland, which also runs a mobile lab in TX)


Utah STEM Bus | Utah STEM Action Center | Salt Lake City, UT

Leading the way with the classroom of the future, the Utah STEM Bus is connecting industry to the classroom and creating career pathways for students by delivering real world, project-based STEM curriculum to every school and community in Utah. Thanks in part to a 1.5 million grant from the Tesoro Foundation, the Utah STEM Bus was created May 2016 and will be out in force starting the 2017 – 2018 school year. With the Utah STEM Action Center, we hope to create a STEM competitive workforce and continue to push Utah as a leader in STEM education. Email | Website


Science Adventure Lab** | Seattle Children's Research Institute | Seattle, WA

As part of Seattle Children’s mission to improve child health through education, we've launched the Science Adventure Lab. Our mission is to deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire new passions for science, promote better health for all students, and enhance science education throughout Washington state by working in partnership with teachers, schools and communities.  Email |  Website

Career and Technical Education | Puyallup School District | Puyallup, WA

The Puyallup School District Career and Technical Education team on the Mobile Innovation Lab, fondly known as “Millie,” delivers interactive lessons for the exploration of career fields to students in grades 6-8 and to those of all ages at several community events.  The grade-level activities on Millie are attached to pre and post lessons which are delivered by their science teachers in the classroom using technology and supplies provided by the Millie team.  The four unique topics are connected to a Next Generation Science Standard and a local concern. This STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) lab brings engaging learning opportunities to students through one traveling field trip that simulates a lab experience without requiring the addition of multiple building-based lab spaces.  Millie is funded and staffed through CTE and provides students, their families, and the wider community with information on high demand and living wage careers in the STEAM field.  It will also provide information on the course sequences which will prepare students for these local careers. Email Website

International Members

Biomedical Scientist of The Future | African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology | Pretoria, South Africa

At AiBST we have initiated a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program that focuses on promoting community engagement with high school students to identify community health problems and jointly proposing how they can be addressed using scientific approaches. The program involves research methods science training camps where we train high school children (12-18 yrs olds), then we ask them to engage community stakeholders in designing research approaches that answer community problems. So far, we have conducted over 20 camps, trained over 2000 students from 100 schools. The program involves competitive research projects culminating in science exhibitions. Because of challenges of difficult terrains, accessing remote rural schools has been a problem, hence our interest in mobile laboratories to reach and engage students and communities in these rural locations. EmailWebsite

The LIFE Foundation | The Novo Nordisk Foundation | Denmark

LIFE is a nonprofit project to establish a world-class learning laboratory. We develop experimental science learning packages targeting teachers and students in primary and lower-secondary schools and upper-secondary schools (STX, HTX and HF) in Denmark. The learning packages are free of charge. When fully operational LIFE will have 10 mobile labs with the ambition of reaching 17% of all Danish primary school pupils each year. Email |  Website

Corporate Members

Farber Specialty Vehicles | Farber Specialty Vehicles | Reynoldsburg, OH

We are a family-owned business, currently introducing the 4th generation. Farber Specialty employs over 100 people and is engaged in the research, design, development and manufacture of custom specialty vehicles.  A talented workforce with an extremely high retention rate has been the cornerstone of Farber Specialty Vehicles’ success. Our team leaders oversee a staff of more than 100 skilled craftsmen and have been in the industry from ten to thirty years.  Email |  Website

Triune Speciality Trailers | Triune Speciality Trailers | Madison Heights, MI

We are an OEM very interested in manufacturing STEM Mobile Laboratories for the STEM communities in the United States. We manufacture all lengths of trailers and expandable sided trailers for commercial and military purposes. Email Website