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Introducing the 2022 MLC Board of Directors

The MLC Board of Directors (BOD) is tasked with the hefty duties of serving and managing the business and strategic affairs of the MLC. One might argue that more importantly, the BOD will see that the organization's vision - to be a catalyst for delivering innovative education inside and outside the classroom, inspiring lifelong passion for discovery - remains at the forefront of activity. And that is exactly what our elected BOD plans to do.

Meet our newly-elected Board of Directors.

In no particular order, we'd like to share a short introduction of each board member (starting from top left). Click on the bullet points below to read more about each member:

Michelle Ventura Ezeoke, PhD

Joshua Von Trapp

Jen Colvin

Li Murphy

Danielle Molden

David Garbe, PhD, Past Chair

Carrie Ferraro, PhD

Ashley LaVerdure

To review a copy of the Board Members' Election Position Statements, please download a copy here.

We are excited to have this talented and diverse group of professionals at the MLC table and look forward to working together to benefit the MLC community.


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