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Call for Videos: Showcase your Program at the 2021 MLC Connects Conference!

Calling all MLC Members! As you may have heard, the MLC will be hosting MLC Connects, our very first virtual conference on October 19 & 20 (afternoons EST). It’s a partial-day virtual gathering opened to members and non-members with workshops, presenters, and opportunities to network.

We would like to take this unique opportunity to solicit short homemade videos from each member organization so we can Connect and get to know one another. It’s not about production quality, it’s all about community, sharing your unique personalities, and letting other members see who you are.

Below are some guidelines to help with creating your member video:

  • The purpose of the video is to introduce each member's organization and staff while highlighting any vehicles, equipment, lessons/activities, or unique aspects of the programming (and whatever else you’d like to show off!);

  • The goal is to have each member showcase their organization so that we might all Connect with each other (it’s been way too long) and/or learn about our newest members;

  • Members may also comment on what they’ve done during the pandemic;

  • Video can be VERY informal and “low-budget”; no professional equipment necessary;

  • Feel free to include background soundtracks or music if desired and free to be creative…or not;

  • The video should be at least one (1) minute in length but not longer than three (3) minutes;

  • Videos should be recorded in landscape format, if possible;

  • Videos played during the virtual conference (and potentially posted on MLC website/social media afterward);

  • Deadline for video submission is Sunday, October 10, 2021. (REVISED: EXTENDED THROUGH OCTOBER 17!);

  • Your video may be added directly to this Dropbox Link

Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to Connect with your fellow MLC members.

Above: MLC Director Dave Garbe records a MLC conference video on his phone

Questions? Please email Lori Shimoda at Thank you for participating and we look forward to “seeing” you at the conference.

PS – if you haven’t done so already, make sure to register for the MLC Connects conference. It is open to members and non-members alike! Visit this page for more details and to register!


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