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Big News from Board Member Michelle Ezeoke

Greetings MLC Members!

I hope this note finds you well and your program continuing to do the good work of which we are all so proud. I would like to share with you some recent decisions that your Board of Directors (BOD) has made moving forward into the next several months.

Big news...

Our big announcement is about the next MLC conference - YES, most importantly, we are having an IN-PERSON conference this year! The board is very excited to announce that the 2022 MLCC will be hosted by Learning Undefeated in Gaithersburg, Maryland on July 11-14, 2022. Please note the change of venue! More information regarding schedule and abstract submission will be provided around March 31, so check back soon.

Join the conference planning committee
Learning Undefeated in Gaithersburg, MD

After reviewing all of our survey results, the MLC conference planning committee is working to develop an impactful agenda and invites you to be part of it! We encourage participation from team members at all levels including planning and implementation of the conference agenda, presenter recruitment, and solicitation of potential sponsors. If you would like more information on how to become part of the conference committee, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the board.

The BOD also extended the board terms once more to allow for continuity leading up to the 2022 conference. Moving forward, we anticipate holding elections on our “normal” schedule near the time of the conference. With this in mind, we encourage all members to consider this rewarding opportunity to serve on the MLC board. If you have any questions regarding the requirements for becoming a member of the BOD, please contact myself or any member on the board and we will be more than happy to speak with you.

Lastly, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the virtual mobile lab tours, I leave you with the link. Everyone did an AWESOME job putting the videos together and I really enjoyed watching them!

We look forward to being together once again soon!


Michelle Ezeoke, on behalf of the MLC BOD


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