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Conference Participation

The 2024 MLC Conference planning committee is working to develop an impactful agenda and highly encourage YOU to be part of it! Please feel free to signup for any or all of the possibilities below. We welcome participation from team members at all levels of your organization. Thank you for your support.

We welcome attendees to bring an informational poster about your program, showcasing the work you do and why you do it. Get creative and have fun - this is an opportunity to show off the fun of your program! Click here to let us know if you’ll be brining a poster to the conference.

Workshops & Presentations
The theme of the conference is Access and Innovation. We encourage presentations that address these themes, but presentations outside of these topics are also welcomed and will be considered.

There are two presentation formats for conference workshops:

1) Traditional, single-program, 50-minute sessions suitable for in-depth, well-developed presentations on key topics. If you’d like to present along side of a colleague or two, feel free to make it a group effort!

2) Multi-speaker micro-learning panel workshops. Find a few friends and/or colleagues and share your wisdom with the group. If you have a topic in mind, and need assistance selecting or selecting a panel of experts, we are happy to assist with finding additional thought leaders.

Presentation abstracts are due Monday, June 3, 2024. Submit an abstract for a workshop here.

  • Please note, a few number of select presenters may have the opportunity to receive a small travel stipend based on need.

  • We welcome abstract submissions from both members, as well as non-members, of the MLC.


Curriculum Showcase
We invite attendees to demonstrate elements from their curricula on Wednesday, July 17. Email us to sign up to share your exciting activities and curricula.

Mobile Lab Rodeo
This year's conference will feature a Mobile Lab Rodeo held on Wednesday, July 17 at The Citadel. We welcome you to bring a mobile lab to Charleston to allow attendees to view, tour and learn about your program's vehicle. You'll see an option to sign up on the registration form or you can email us. 

  • Overnight parking will be available at no cost and security will be provided.

  • Additional funds may be available to offset the travel cost required to bring your vehicle to the conference.

  • If you are a vendor, please contact the MLC about sponsorship opportunities and the availability of brining a vehicle/ unit to the conference.

Have another idea to get involved? We'd love to hear it. Email us with ideas, questions or comments. 

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