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Join the MLC as a Board Member

We are searching for energetic members who want to help shape the future of the MLC. If you are looking for more industry/MLC involvement, or hope to network and/or grow in our field, we hope you will apply. As a Board Member, you can help us in our mission to provide education, foster collaboration, and serve as a central resource of knowledge, curricula and best practices. We welcome your leadership and ideas in order to further our vision of creating a world where education inspires a life-long passion for discovery.

Requirements for serving on the Board of Directors:

The organization must be a MLC member in good standing

Be willing to commit to participating in a minimum of three two-hour meetings or conference calls annually, and additional ad-hoc meetings or calls as needed

Attend the annual MLC Conference in person during their term

​Participation in board meetings can be in-person or via video/phone conference (except for the in-person meeting at the annual conference, see below)

Commit to actively working on a minimum of one Board sub-committee throughout his/her term to further MLC strategic goals

​Expected to attend the in-person Board meetings held in conjunction with the annual Conference (during their term)

​Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in science education and outreach, or equivalent, and play an active role in the member organization

Each Director shall serve for a two-year term

​No Director shall serve more than 6 consecutive years without at least 11 months in which he or she does not serve as a Director.

Role and Responsibilities of Board of Directors:

​Provides strategic direction for the MLC including identifying objectives and goals, new initiatives and long-term planning

​Participates in implementing objectives, goals, and new initiatives identified by the Board

​Provides updates at each Board meeting about activities undertaken in pursuit of MLC strategic goals

Board of Directors works with Chair and Financial Director to manage MLC and conference budgets

​Board of Directors commit to actively working on sub-committees throughout their term to further MLC strategic goals

​Annually submit a Conflict of Interest form;

​Board of Directors has ultimate fiduciary responsibility for MLC and conference finances

Election Process:

Elections for the Board of Directors are being held next month. Below is an outline of the process:

Between now and one week after the conference (July 18), nominations can be submitted. These can be self-nominations or submitted by someone else.

The MLC election committee will reach out to eligible nominees and request a position statement.

The MLC election committee will send out all nominations and position statements to the membership. Members will vote electronically.

​A nominee must receive a vote from at least half of the members. Note: each active member can vote for all or none of the nominees. As long as half of the members vote “yes”, any or all of the nominees can be approved in a given year.

Notification of Board appointments (within two weeks from the time voting ends).

​The Board term will start approximately two weeks after appointments are announced (estimated mid-August).

Once elected, Board positions are filled at the first meeting. Board members discuss and vote on positions (Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary).

Nominate yourself or someone you know by completing this short form:

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the current MLC Board members or by emailing our general inbox at


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