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**Indicates an Inaugural Member


Ag In Motion  National Ag Science Center  |  Modesto, CA

Ag In Motion is a mobile science classroom designed to bring hands on agricultural science experiments to middle schools. Ag In Motion combines standards-based content with career connections.  Email  |  Website


The Bio-Bus Program**  Georgia State University  |  Atlanta, GA

The Bio-Bus Program is a science outreach program from Georgia State University which is free to schools and community groups within a one-hour radius of our campus in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Our instructors are Georgia State graduate students, with a few advanced undergraduates. K-12 students get the advantage of near-peer instruction and role modules of a diverse population of young people interested in science, as well as science content. Our menu of twelve teaching modules is posted on our website.  Email  |  Website


Center for STEM Excellence**  Towson University  |  Baltimore, MD

Towson University’s Bioscience Education & Outreach Program provides outreach programs to Maryland’s K–12 schools. The Program is committed to engaging, exciting and educating Maryland’s middle and high school students in science. Two of our most long-standing programs are the SciTech student learning lab, a program housed within the Columbus Center in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the Maryland Loaner Lab program. The SciTech program offers students the opportunity to experience bioscience first-hand in our dedicated student laboratory led by an expert instructor.   The Maryland Loaner Lab is another way our Education and Outreach team is reaching an even greater number of students. This resource for science teachers brings an array of investigations to middle and high school classrooms throughout Maryland.   We offer comprehensive bioscience curriculum and lab activities available in a self-contained kit.  In addition to providing activities for students, The Bioscience Education and Outreach Program also works with Maryland teachers. Through our professional development workshops, teachers learn the skills necessary to deliver the Maryland Loaner Lab activities in their classrooms.  We also provide summer research opportunities for teachers embedded within a year-long learning community focused in increasing teacher capacity to teach students about the nature of science in their classrooms.  Email  |  Website


BioBus  BioBus, Inc.  |  New York, NY

BioBus, Inc. operates the BioBus, a mobile microscope laboratory whose mission is to heighten interest, knowledge, and scientific skills of all who climb aboard. The BioBus demystifies science by making it accessible to all. Primarily, we serve schools that lack the necessary resources to adequately teach inquiry-based science. In addition to school visits, the Biobus regularly attends community outreach events. As a result, the BioBus acts as a scientific ambassador, giving the masses access to a research laboratory.  Email  |  Website


CityLab**  Boston University School of Medicine  |  Boston, MA

CityLab is a biotechnology learning laboratory established in 1991 at the Boston University School of Medicine for middle and high school students and teachers. CityLab pioneered the concept of mobile biotechnology laboratories for K12 education in 1998.  Email  |  Website


DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program**  J. Craig Venter Institute  |  Rockville, MD

The DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program is designed as a science enrichment program taught in formal and informal learning settings to reach students throughout their academic career. DG! staff works closely with the classroom teacher or coordinator to ensure each experience achieves the team’s goals and objectives, reinforces specific school standards and gives maximum exposure to science careers. The DG! staff has over 10 years experience working with young students and adults. The DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Laboratory Program focuses on grades six through eight, while DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Equipment is available for all students, K-12.  Email  |  Website


EASTCONN Mobile STEM Lab  Quinebaug Middle College  |  Hampton, CT

EASTCONN’s Quinebaug Middle College (QMC), located on the campus of Quinebaug Valley Community College, offers students a unique high school/college program. Students may choose to pursue a STEM-integrated curriculum focused on environmental responsibility, manufacturing, engineering and allied health. QMC’s STEM curriculum is supported by a federal Magnet School Assistance Program (MSAP) grant, which is intended to enhance learning and access to STEM content. Through grant’s funds, QMC has created a mobile STEM lab, providing staff and students with STEM content learning, equipment, and resources. QMC students travel to sites across northeastern Connecticut to collaborate with peers and others on STEM-related experiments. Email | Website


Farber Specialty Vehicles  Farber Specialty Vehicles  |  Reynoldsburg, OH

We are a family owned business, currently introducing the 4th generation. Farber Specialty employs over 100 people and is engaged in the research, design, development and manufacture of custom specialty vehicles.  A talented workforce with an extremely high retention rate has been the cornerstone of Farber Specialty Vehicles’ success. Our team leaders oversee a staff of more than 100 skilled craftsmen and have been in the industry from ten to thirty years.  Email  |  Website


The Gene Machine  Greenwood Genetics Center  |  Greenwood, SC

The Gene Machine is the mobile component of the Greenwood Genetic Center’s outreach education program. The mobile lab travels throughout South Carolina, serving high schools that are too distant to make a field trip to Greenwood. We provide this opportunity free of charge to SC schools. Our objectives are to increase genetic literacy in teachers and students, provide equal access to modern laboratory equipment, and to encourage students to continue their education in the field of science.  Email  |  Website


GTRI Laser Project  Georgia Tech Research Institute  |  Atlanta, GA

We operate a traveling STEM exhibition with a laser theme. We are working to find funding to purchase a dediciated vehicle. Once we have one, the laser exhibition will become the first installment in a reconfigurable traveling STEM museum serving Georgia.


Heartland Aeronautical Experience, Inc  |  Shawnee, OK

A year-round Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower Trailer Classroom educating and motiving Youth/Students, Minorities, Women, and Disabled Individuals toward aerospace careers opportunities.  Email  |  Website


High Point University Mobile Lab | High Point, NC

The High Point University Mobile Lab is a tool that enables us to bring cutting-edge science directly to outreach partners in the High Point, NC community, thus fostering an environment that promotes scientific education and community engagement in which our undergraduates can acquire real-world experience and skills.   Email  |  Website


I Am A Scientist**  Chaminade University of Honolulu  |  Honolulu, HI

Chaminade University’s, “I Am A Scientist” offers science outreach programs to grades K-6 that are aligned with the Hawaii Dept. of Education’s Content and Performance Standards. Instruction is provided by research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students who also serve as examples in the education to career pathway. Our curriculum is inquiry based and allows students to discover the everyday relevance of science and math in their daily life. Students conduct experiments using modern biotech equipment, supplies and technology used in real laboratories. In addition to classroom visits, we provide school family night, and community events.   Email


Iguana Bus  Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center |  Choctaw, OK

The Iguana Bus is an activity filled bus designed to give students an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. With activities based on programs offered at EOC Tech, students get a hands-on feel for what to expect in the programs offered at EOC Tech. Each activity informs students of job expectations, expected salaries, and the future for openings. Students also learn what education requirements come with each career. To assist with these choices, EOC Tech has been provided the use of from the State Department of CareerTech. Email | Website


LET’S GO boys and Girls  Let’s GO Boys & Girls, Inc.  |  Annapolis, MD

LET’S GO provides fun, hands-on STEM activities to underserved students in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.
We track students through our STEM education pipeline and report the metric ‘STEM Yield’ (# STEM Students / # total participating students). We support 2000 students per year in K-12.  Email Website


MdBioLab**  MdBio Foundation, Inc.  |  Rockville, MD

MdBioLab, a custom-built mobile bioscience laboratory that provides a compelling learning environment centered on inquiry-based laboratory activities, is the flagship education program from the MdBio Foundation. The mobile laboratory serves high school students and their teachers throughout the state of Maryland. MdBioLab’s goal is to increase science awareness of modern career opportunities in science. This innovative program seeks to increase student experience and confidence with laboratory concepts and techniques while alleviating the budgetary burdens of laboratory science on schools. It also works to increase teacher self-efficacy with the concepts, theories and equipment.  Email  |  Website


Millard Oakley STEM Center  |  Tennessee Tech University  |  Cookeville, TN

The Millard Oakley STEM Center energizes individuals, creates educational supports, and researches vital frameworks for innovative teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.   Email  |  Website


Mobile Lab  Michigan Technical University  |  Houghton, MI

The Michigan Tech Mobile Lab provides a unique venue for hands-on discovery based education in sustainable transportation. Education opportunities include STEM outreach to pre-college youth and interested community members as well as college courses and short courses. The mobile lab includes classroom space, multi-function lab benches, two powertrain test cells, four production level hybrid vehicles, a configurable hybrid vehicle, and a portable chassis dynamometer.  Email  |  Website


Mobile Earth & Space Observatory (MESO)  National Space Science & Technology Institute |  Colorado Springs, CO

The National Space Science & Technology Institute (NSSTI) is fabricating a mobile S.T.E.M. lab called MESO- the Mobile Earth & Space Observatory – focused on environmental and space science to demonstrate how these disciplines contribute to our understanding of weather, climate, and the earth’s natural resources. Through the use of telescopes, a transportable planetarium, a weather station and a digital globe, MESO will engage middle school students, staff and the local community in interactive programs and hands-on activities to motivate students to pursue additional S.T.E.M. education and future careers in the technology workforce.  NSSTI is also championing Pikes Peak Observatory, the placement of a research quality observatory with telescopes and scientific instrumentation on the summit of Pikes Peak to support and inspire S.T.E.M. education through public exposure to environmental and space science, an initiative with both public and local government support. When Pikes Peak Observatory becomes a reality, the Mobile Earth & Space Observatory can serve as a remote operating control station for telescopes placed on the summit of Pikes Peak.    Email | Website


MobiLLab  University of Teacher Education (PHSG) |  St. Gallen, Switzerland

MobiLLab was designed by educators and researchers at the University of Teacher Education in St. Gallen, Switzerland (German: PädagogischeHochschule St.Gallen (PHSG). The aims of the program are to 1) awaken interest for Math, Information (Computer) Science, Natural Science, Technology (MINT) disciplines in secondary school students who live in the German speaking Cantons of Switzerland, 2) support development of their competences in these areas, and 3) pique their interest in related careers. During a visit, students of ages 13-15 typically spend a morning or afternoon with mobiLLab’s 12 experiment modules.  Email  |  Website


MoLab  MoLab, Inc. |  Tallahassee, FL

MoLab, Inc. is a start-up mobile laboratory that is in the process of filing its 501(c)3 status. The mission of MoLab is to provide on-the-go dynamic hands-on and inquiry-based science experiences through a mobile laboratory that promotes discovery. MoLab meets the needs of teachers and students in North Florida and Southern Georgia by providing inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) interactive programming.  Email   |  Website


NCI at Frederick  |  Frederick, MD

Directs, coordinates and develops policy for NCI at Frederick scientific programs. Provides overall scientific administrative management as well as program planning for NCI at Frederick. Office of Scientific Operations also manages and promotes various NCI internship programs for high school and undergraduate students to perform research through “hands on” laboratory training.  Email   |  Website


Osceola Mobile STEM Lab  The School District of Osceola County  | Kissimmee, FL

The Osceola Mobile STEM Lab is a customized vehicle providing fifth graders in our district’s Title I schools with access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment not readily available at their schools. This one-of-a-kind educational resource, focused on the need for a STEM trained workforce of the future, places the district at the forefront of a progressive delivery system for STEM education. As part of ou outrreach to parents and community members, a SSTEM Family Engagement is planned at each school in collaboration with the Orlando Science Center. This allows the STEM experience to be shared with the school’s community.   Email  | Website


The Physics Factory  The Physics Factory  |  Tucson, AZ

The Physics Factory inspires children with the excitement of science, math, and engineering. We operate mobile outreach programs in Tucson AZ, Ithaca NY, and Gainesville FL. Our focus is physical science and engineering, with a sprinkling of math. We also operate an educational workshop in Tucson in which children learn to design and build gadgets from inexpensive and salvaged materials. Email | Website


Rutgers Science Explorer  Rutgers University  |  Piscataway, NJ

The Rutgers Science Explorer (RSE) is dedicated to promoting hands-on activities in the STEM disciplines among middle school students around NJ. The RSE brings together teachers, scientists and K-12 students in a unique environment where everybody can learn from each other, solving together a real life research problem.  Email | Website


Salk Mobile Science Laboratory  Salk Institute for Biological Sciences  |  La Jolla, CA

The Salk Mobile Science Lab brings current experimental techniques directly into San Diego classrooms. Based on the theme of genetics and DNA technology, a team of Salk scientists leads entire classes of students through three sets of simple and enriching experiments. This type of inquiry-based, exploratory learning is fundamental to increasing student interest in the biological sciences. The Mobile Science Lab visits at least 18 area schools and educational institutions every year, providing over 2200 students with hands-on science experience. In the past ten years, the program has reached more than 25,000 local students.  Email  |  Website


Science Adventure Lab**  Seattle Children’s Research Institute  |  Seattle, WA

As part of Seattle Children’s mission to improve child health through education, we’ve launched the Science Adventure Lab. Our mission is to deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire new passions for science, promote better health for all students, and enhance science education throughout Washington state by working in partnership with teachers, schools and communities.  Email  |  Website


Science Express  St. Cloud State University  |  St. Cloud, MN

The Science Express was launched in the fall of 2009 to bring hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to pK-12 students at schools throughout central Minnesota. The 53 foot long mobile laboratory meets a critical need: A profound gap has developed between the tools professional scientists use and what is available in the classroom. This issue is severe in the sixty-two percent of MN schools that have fewer than 100 students in their graduating class. Budget and critical mass issues represent a significant challenge to providing the necessary infrastructure for STEM training. By investing heavily in equipment that can be shared among thousands of students each year, The Science Express bridges this gap in a manner that is both inspirational and cost-effective.  Email  |  Website


Science on Wheels  LeMoyne-Owen College  |  Memphis, TN

Science on Wheels is a retired Memphis City bus that has been transformed into a mobile science laboratory. Our service audience is 4th and 5th grade classes in the Memphis inner city low-income underserved minority population.  Email  |  Website



Start-up stage of a mobile laboratory delivering hands-on training on common techniques used in medical research focusing on molecular biology and core critical thinking skills (through argument mapping).


STEM Mobile Learning Lab**  The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research  |  Danville, VA

The STEM Mobile Learning Lab (STEM ML2) will advance K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education by providing hands-on training and activities and professional development opportunities for regional teachers and students.  Email  |  Website


STEM Mobile Learning Lab  Anne Arundel County Public Schools  |  Anne Arundel District, MD

The  is a project supported by the AACPS/Advanced Studies & Programs office. Our primary goal is to design and build a STEM classroom inside a Thomas flat-front school bus. When completed the STEM Mobile Learning Lab and teaching staff will travel to AACPS Elementary schools, providing K-5th grade students with authentic, standards –based learning laboratories, which will integrate engineering design, mathematics and scientific inquiry.  Email  |  Website


STEM Explorer  DELTA College  |  University Center, MI

Thanks to a $4 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, Delta College plans to build its “STEM Explorer” – a 38-foot vehicle set to travel the Great Lakes Bay Region offering enhanced science, technology, engineering and mathematics education to middle- and high-school students. The main purpaose of the grant is to stimulate interest in STEM careers and to keep students excited about science, technology, engineering and math. We plan to partner with area middle school and high school teachers, and area business to build this project form the ground up. The collaboration with teachers and business is crucial to the success of the STEM Explorer project. Our current activities include workshops with middle school and high school teachers who will help us define the activities that will be on the STEM Explorer. Email  |Website


Title III STEM HSI  Moreno Valley College  |  Moreno Valley, CA

To develop comprehensive, interactive STEM activities and projects to be delivered from MVC’s STEM Mobile Innovation Center focused on engagement and outreach for K-20 students.  Email   |  Website


Triune Speciality Trailers   Triune Speciality Trailers |  Madison Heights, MI

We are an OEM very interested in manufacturing STEM Mobile Laboratories for the STEM communities in the United States. We manufacture all lengths of trailers and expandable sided trailers for commercial and military purposes.

Email Website


Tuscaloosa Public Library Makerspace   University of Alabama |  Tuscaloosa, AL

Our program is brand new, currently operating under the auspices of the Tuscaloosa Public Library– Weaver Bolden Branch site since Spring 2014. At this time, we offer after school Makerspace sessions twice a week and will launching a summer program in 2015. We aim to transition into a business offering mobile educational services by Fall 2016. Our educational activities emphasize crosscutting STEM work and reaching beyond to include the Arts. We especially aim to draw in participants from historically underrepresented communities. We can also provide professional development for educators and community members.

Email  |  Website


Utah STEM Bus   Utah STEM Action Center |  Salt Lake City, UT

Leading the way with the classroom of the future, the Utah STEM Bus is connecting industry to the classroom and creating career pathways for students by delivering real world, project-based STEM curriculum to every school and community in Utah.  Thanks in part to a 1.5 million grant from the Tesoro Foundation, the Utah STEM Bus was created May 2016 and will be out in force starting the 2017 – 2018 school year.  With the Utah STEM Action Center, we hope to create a STEM competitive workforce and continue to push Utah as a leader in STEM education.

Email | Website


Other programs around the world

Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory Program  Sik Sik Yuen  |  Tung Chung, Hong Kong  |  The Sik Sik Yuen Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory (BML) Program, funded solely by a charitable organization, has the mandate to promote the interest and provide the education and training in biotechnology for students, teachers and the public in Hong Kong. The BML Program achieves its mandate on board its MobileLab, designed and constructed locally in 2008-09.  The MobileLab, built on a 12-metre bus platform compliant with Euro V emission standard and equipped with solar panels and wheelchair access, is a traveling laboratory specially designed to provide hands-on experiments on board for up to 40 students with advanced equipment and current curriculum.  Email  |  Website

Creative Discovery Museum  |  Chattanooga, TN  |  We serve our students via Outreach programs which are brought into their classrooms. We have just purchased a bus that we are looking to convert into a mobile lab. We also do Distance Learning lessons.  Email  |  Website

EcoScience Foundation  |  Santiago, Chile  |  The first chilean Scientific Bus visits impoverished schools with our mobile lab to inspire them with scientific experiments and inquiry based learning on scientific topics.  Email  |  Website

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center  Morehead Planetarium and Science Center  |  Chapel Hill, NC  |  Morehead’s External Programs consists of the Destiny and Dreams traveling science learning programs, the Planets portable planetarium program, and two major mobile summer science enrichment programs called GlaxoSmithKline’s Science in the Summer Program and Minds On! Summer Science Enrichment Program. We have year-round K-12 outreach and mobile programs that incorporate our standards-aligned written curriculum modules with our 2 – 40 foot mobile laboratories and our 20 foot diameter portable planetarium with its full dome digital system. We also administer two free summer science enrichment programs that incorporate 9 surrounding counties.  Email  |  Website

STEM Bus  Wake Tech Community College, NC BioNetwork  |  Raleigh, NC  |  The STEM Bus is a 40ft mobile learning lab staffed with trained scientists and educators. The interactive Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities on the bus engage visitors.  This program is currently available to Community Colleges, Performance Learning Centers and select community events.  Email  |  Website

STEM Girl Programming  Girl Scouts Eastern Massachusetts  |  North Andover, MA  |  Email  |  Website

University of Texas-Pan American  University of Texas-Pan American |  Edinburg, TX  |  We provide hands-on learning in biotechnology principles and practices to the historically underserved students in South Texas.  Email  |  Website

Veterinary Technology Program  Wright Career College |  Overland Park, KS  |  Wright Career College is developing a program for educating veterinary technicians using a combination of online and internship experiences along with a mobile teaching lab in order to reach students in more rural areas of Kansas  Email  |  Website