Recognizing excellence in STEM education

The Mobile Laboratory Coalition is pleased to announce its inagural Awards program to recognize innovation in teaching and learning, innovation in mobile education, and successful partnerships in education.

The MLC Awards encourage the programs, teams, and individuals devoted to STEM education to constantly raise the bar and innovate in their commitment to achieving equity in education. This unique awards program recognizes STEM educators and revolutionary innovations in mobile education platforms.

Nominations will be accepted through June 1, 2016.  The winners will be revealed at the Mobile Laboratory Coalition Conference in Columbus, Ohio on July 15, 2016.




MLC Award Nomination Website



Inaugural Award Categories

Outstanding Program

An Outstanding Program exemplifies innovation in teaching and learning, can provide evidence of impact on student learning, promotes equity of achievement, fairness and opportunity in education, and has unique attributes that makes it stand out above the rest.


Outstanding Educator

The Outstanding Educator engages in innovative teaching and learning, uses reflective teaching practice, pursues professional growth and leadership, and brings unique contributions to the MLC member organization and/or program.


Outstanding Emerging Program

The Outstanding Emerging Program is a new organization or program within an existing organization within three years of teaching its first student.  Outstanding Emerging Programs innovate mobile education, innovate teaching and learning, and promote equity of achievement, fairness, and opportunity in education.


Outstanding Supporter/Partner:

Mobile Laboratory Coalition Member Organizations recognize the importance supporters and partners in providing education programs and proving equity that makes the advantages of education available to all.  The Outstanding Supporter/Partner Award recognizes successful partnerships in education and highlights the supporters and partners of MLC Members.


  • June 1  Nominations due
  • July 1  Nominee finalists announced
  • July 15  MLC Awardees announced

The fine print

  • Award distribution:  There is up to one award in each category distributed during the inaugural year
  • Review process:  Nominations will be reviewed by an external panel using the MLC Award rubric.  Each Director from the MLC Board of Directors will nominate two reviewers to the panel.  Reviews will be recused from reviewing nominations they are affiliated with.  The review panel will submit finalist recommendations to the MLC Board of Directors for approval.  View MLC Award Rubrics.
  • Nominations:  MLC Member Organizations and educators may self-nominate or another program many nominate them for an award.
  • Requirements:  All nominees and award recipients must be current MLC Member Organizations.  Nominees for Outstanding Emerging Program may be a new organization or a new program from an existing organization and must be within three years of serving their first student/participant.
  • Deadline:  Nominations must be received by June 1.  Nominations must be submitted via the MLC Award Nomination website.
  • Recognition:  Nominee finalists and Awardees will be recognized at the MLC Annual Conference.  When possible, the nominee finalists and Awardees will be highlighted in MLC publications and communications.
  • Nominee Application:  Nominations must be submitted via the MLC Award Nomination website.  The MLC does not take responsibility for non-receipt of the nomination submission.  The nominator must receive confirmation of the submission from the MLC in order to ensure that the application has ben received and will be considered.